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Chapter Three; How About Breakfast?

Mar. 3rd, 2007 | 07:12 pm
posted by: _living_is_easy in xxwho_i_amxx

Dom & Billy
Conversations and 'Lunch'

Dom hung up the phone, walking back over to Billy who was leaning against the wall outside of the bar. "He'll be here in five." Dom said, leaning against the wall beside him.

"You sure you don't mind driving me home? I could just take another cab..." Billy asked, trailing off as he met Dom's eyes. Dom gave him the same look he had been giving him for the past 10 minutes.

"Billy, I want to drive you home. It gives us more time to talk too." He shrugged looking down the street and then smiling back at Billy. Billy nodded, giving in, a smile gracing his lips, making Dom relax as well. Billy shut his eyes, taking a deep breath.

The wind started to pick up, blowing lightly around them, but still, Billy kept his eyes closed. Dom watched him intently, he could swear he saw Billy's cheeks turning pink. He sighed, looking up to see their cab pulling up to the sidewalk.

"Ready?" He asked, suddenly nervous for Billy to come to his house. He didn't think anything was going to happen exactly... more of the fact that now, they were truly alone. Viggo and Sean were gone, and yes, they knew eachother quite well--or did-- but it was different. He was suddenly concious of the state his house was in. The books he didn't bother to put away... empty bottles and take out cartons... Even if he had decided on bringing the guy Viggo brought back to his house, he wasn't expecting to impress them! Billy, was a completely different matter. He started bouncing his foot again, biting down hard on his lower lip.

"My... Erm, house might be a bit of a mess." He said quickly, hurrying to the cab and holding the door open for Billy. "Hope you don't... you know, mind or whatever..."

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Chapter Two: Let's do that Again

Oct. 11th, 2006 | 10:10 pm
posted by: pippin1983 in xxwho_i_amxx

Sean liked the silence in the car, driving back home. It wasn't like they wouldn't talk at all, only, after a night at the pub they tended to be much quieter than on the way to the pub. And Sean liked it. It had something special, nearly devine. And watching Viggo from the corner of his eyes in that devine silence, watching Viggo's own devine manner, the way he put one foot on the seat and putting the other one on the dashboard - it wasn't only about that silent moment, it was about knowing, that Viggo could be a lot different too.

And it hadn't been the quiet side of Viggo's character he had fallen in love with in the beginning. Maybe somehow, but that wasn't the first thing he had seen of Viggo, what he thought was hot, what had made him run through Viggo's paints. What had made him do so, what he had thought was hot, were the bare feet, the low bottoned shirt, the cowboy hat, the prominent face - short it was his appearence. Viggo just had catched his eye, and he was thankful his dog hadn't been able to talk him out of that stupid idea of ruining that painters stuff only to get him to notice him. And it hadn't been that stupid, right? Because otherwise he wouldn't be here now, next to Viggo, his boyfriend.

"Be careful, don't let your thoughts make your head explode." Sean actually startled, hearing Viggo's voice. It didn't fit to his musings.

"Huh?" Shaking his head, that was all Sean could reply.

"I know you've been thinking about something and not been paying attention to the road. Fortunately you didn't crash anything. So, what is it?" Viggo had that 'You can tell me everything' face. That face he had for everyone he thought needed his help, even if only consisting of listening and nodding.

"Vig, I don't need to talk to you about those thoughts, k? I'm just... melancholic." Sean answered, explicitly looking out onto the road.

"Why? Because our love sick best friends turned out to be eachother's long, lost love?"

"Bullshit." Sean crummaged for a cigarette in his worn out package in the pocket of his shirt and lit it.

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Sep. 30th, 2006 | 07:27 pm
posted by: _living_is_easy in xxwho_i_amxx

Leave us the Feedback

If you have any comments about a chapter, suggestions, criticism, anything at all, you can leave them here! If its about a specific chapter, to make it easier for all of us to know, leave the chapter number in the subject box at the top.

And thank you very much for reading! We're glad you are!

Bibi && Dani

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Chapter One; It's Impossible

Jul. 12th, 2006 | 04:35 am
posted by: _living_is_easy in xxwho_i_amxx

Dom, Sean, Viggo, Billy
Double Date, Dom & Billy reunited

Dom drummed his fingers on the table, taking a deep breath as he carefully opened the worn cover of his old year book. It was from his second year of high school, one he would never in a million years forget. So many memories were twisted around the pages, around the people… one person in particular. Slowly he turned to the page --page 46-- and ran his fingertips across the page gently.

William Boyd. He was a couple years older, but only a grade ahead of Dom… but there was no question in his mind, that what they had, what they made, was love. He smiled at the worn, washed out picture, and shook his head gently. He was beautiful then… one of the most breathtaking people Dom had ever seen. He could only imagine what he would look like now…
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Chapter Index

Jul. 12th, 2006 | 03:56 am
posted by: _living_is_easy in xxwho_i_amxx

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